Technology and Its Importance in our Day-to-Day Life Activities

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In the current era we all are surrounded by technology. We can’t imagine our life without technology. Almost everything is run by technology and has become an important part of our lives. It has improved our lives at a very fast pace and always has taken us to a new level. Even to buy a train or flight ticket, ordering food or using educational apps we need technology. From a large scale to a small scale, technologies are spread like a web. 

Technology has also been updated and improved from time to time. Technology also helps kids to play games online like would you rather questions, never have i ever, solving puzzles, riddles, etc. Due to the invention of technology, we have been introduced to one of the biggest resources for almost all types of industries, which is called computers. Computers play a vital role in all stages of our lives. We use computers for education and employment purposes. Like, if primary children or young kids have to learn concepts, they can take the help of computers supported by the internet to get quick materials and learn them. Nowadays, people are using most of the internet services through their smartphones, laptops, notepads and tablets as these gadgets are quick to use and very handy.

Importance of Technology in Education

Technology is not only crucial for work purposes, it is significant in the education field also. To create a new and innovative practical syllabus we need technology. Teachers and students also need the help of technology to complete their daily activities. Learning has also become more interesting and fun-loving due to the introduction of technology. It encourages students to take active participation in the learning process, which is considered to be a crucial factor for retention of knowledge.

We as a parent or teacher should experiment different forms of technology and accordingly should decide what is best for students in terms of retaining their knowledge. Technology helps kids to learn at their own pace, review difficult concepts or skip ahead if they need to. In the modern education system, technology will help students and teachers to develop essential skills. With the help of technology, students can enhance their practical skills, e.g.: creating presentations, getting to understand reliable and unreliable sources on the Internet, etc. These important skills can be developed in the classroom.

In the online learning, technology provides an ample number of benefits such as providing online study resources, assignments, etc. to improve their process of teaching. Using different apps and online study resources, teachers can enhance their traditional methods of teaching to keep students more engaged. In the field of education, the use of technology has changed the face of it. Both teachers and students benefit from various educational technologies.

Technology can reduce the tremendous effort given by students to gather a number of printed books and journals for acquiring knowledge and increase students’ focus on more important knowledge-gathering processes. Equally important, technology can represent education in ways that help students understand the latest concepts and ideas. Education Technology also enables teachers to integrate project-based learning. With guidance from effective teachers, students at different levels can use these tools to construct knowledge and develop skills required in modern society such as presentation skills and analytical skills.

Technology also provides a platform for students to share their views and ideas with their teachers and fellow students. In this current pandemic situation, technology has saved us from many disasters. For example, students can continue their classes because of technology, people are able to work from home, etc. Online learning or games have also become popular at this current time like puns for kids games, tongue twisters games, etc.

In the life of humans, every day new technological inventions are introduced which have now become daily news. Now and then we get to hear the invention of new technologies in different sectors. But, unfortunately, when it comes to innovations and advancements in the field of education we hear less technological inventions. Few institutions still use the traditional method of education which affects the mindset of the young kids.

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