What is translation of academic manuscripts?

Most academic journals of international repute have very strict standards of publication. In this decade, China has overtaken the US in terms of the number of manuscripts published in academic journals. Most Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and European researchers write their manuscripts in their own native language. Then, academic translation of these manuscripts is carried out by professional translators who have subject matter expertise in their field of study. 

Academic manuscripts include research papers, thesis, dissertations, conference papers, posters, and books. Academic manuscripts are written by scientific and educational researchers at universities. All students pursuing Master’s degree and doctorate programs have to write and defend a dissertation. To gain research grants and an extended tenure of employment, most Asian and European universities look for publication in international English journals. Therefore, academic translation and editing services of author education companies have attracted the attention of ESL authors.

Most ESL researchers find it difficult to express the findings of related studies in their own words as they have limited fluency in English. Moreover, they find it difficult to comprehend the complex style guides of international English journals. To overcome these issues, they seek academic translation services from professionals who are experts in their field of study. An academic translator is not just a bilingual individual with high fluency in English. They also have advanced technical degrees in a particular discipline and have often published works in international English journals. 

Most author education companies have professional translators with five to ten years of experience. They are familiar with technical terminology of a particular subject in both the source and target language. The target language is usually English, and the source language could be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Students should note that if they hire bilingual friends to translate their academic manuscripts, it could lead to technical errors in the document. The scientific accuracy of the content will be compromised, and the paper will be automatically rejected by a peer-reviewed academic journal. Therefore, they need academic translation services of author education companies.

Currently, academic translation services have seen a rising demand at conferences. This is because academic conferences are events that attract budding researchers and experts from all across the world. They may not be native speakers of English; however, they usually have to present their work in peer-reviewed English journals. The talks presented by keynote speakers may also need academic translation services. All ESL researchers can improve their chances of publication in English journals by hiring the services of a professional translator. Translation and localization services are here to stay, especially in the field of academia.