What does the word “text message””blue” or “green” mean on an iPhone?

Are you curious about what colour is used when you text on an iphone from Apple? Sometimes your message will be colored in green and other times it’s blue. Learn more about what green or blue colour refers to in the iphone.

When you text your family and friends, you’ve noticed that some iPhone messages are green or blue.

When you text someone in your family, friend or colleague on your iPhone or iPad, the message might appear as green or blue. The color indicates the method you’ve employed as well as, in some cases it is the type of device you’re sending it to.

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Blue Background

If your text message is displayed with blue-colored backgrounds indicates that the message exchange occurred through iMessage and you have sent or received your message or from an iOS device.


iMessage is a completely free messaging service that is available on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and many more.) Apple designed iMessage and it is available for all Apple products but is not available for devices that aren’t Apple.

It is also required that you sign into the system using the Apple ID. Someone who has an iPhone but hasn’t signed into the system using an Apple ID will not be in a position to access iMessage.

iMessage does not utilize the limits on data that are set by a telecommunications provider for regular messaging. iMessage is fast and free. It’s a great option for communication with an iPhone or iOS user.

With iMessage, text message rates do not apply. It can be transmitted via WiFi, which means that no cell phone service is needed. It is also possible to send it via your cell provider (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)

Green Background

The green background signifies that the message you received or received was sent via SMS via your cellular service. The message is also usually sent to non-iOS devices like the Android and Windows phone.

Sometimes you can send or receive messages with green text to your iOS device. This occurs when iMessage is disabled on the device.

You can test and verify whether iMessage is enabled or off on your iPhone through iPhone settings (gear icon) and then to Messages. You can enable iMessage.

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