What Does an Enterprise Architect Do?

Information technology careers are a popular choice because of the huge demand. It’s not slowing down anytime soon. Experts even predict that it will grow 11% from 2019 to 2029, which is faster than the average of all other careers.

After all, every company needs an IT role, even small businesses. This is also why we see a lot of IT start-ups every year.

One role that a huge company must have is an enterprise architect. What is it, and what does an enterprise architect do? Keep on reading to find out more about this career.

  1. What Is an Enterprise Architect?

An enterprise architect oversees the technology systems architecture that companies use. They create models for the ways an organization store, manage, and send data.

They report to the CIO to ensure that all these align with the company’s business strategy. As such, they have a huge degree of responsibility. They must be able to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

  1. What Does an Enterprise Architect Do?

You’ve learned what is an enterprise architect, but what does an enterprise architect do? Let’s see the details on what tasks an enterprise architect role entails.

Communicate with the Team

An enterprise architect usually takes on a managerial role, which means they have a team. This is why one must have good communication skills.

They must be able to communicate with the staff members about the IT plans. This way, everyone is up to speed about the current enterprise architect software.

Create an Enterprise Architecture Plan

Enterprise architects create plans on how to use the IT functions of the organization. They must create the most efficient plan, making use of the available resources. They must also aim to balance their needs with the customers of the company.

To do this, they must understand the enterprise architecture framework. They must also be aware of methods needed to develop an enterprise architecture plan (EAP), such as:

  • The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF)
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)
  • The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture

All these and more require some training or courses. For example, you must take a TOGAF course to know how to use this method. Although the methodologies are different, they have the same goals of increasing efficiency in a company’s IT processes.

Manage a Company’s IT

The company’s enterprise architect not only creates the management strategy. They are also in charge of implementing the developed strategies. They must ensure that the company is following each step in their strategy.

A company enterprise architect also carries responsibility for the electronic systems a company uses. Maintenance and repairs are some of an enterprise architect’s daily tasks.

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Are you wondering what does an enterprise architect do? Now you know! The best thing about IT is that the salary matches the complex duties they have to perform.

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