What Are the Different Types of Schools for Your Child?

Parenthood is filled with many decisions for your child, and one of the most important is choosing a school for them to go to as first-time parents. This can do a lot to shape their futures and so choosing a school can alter their lives positively or negatively.

However, with so many types of schools out there it can be difficult to choose which one would be right for your child to attend.

Luckily, here is a guide that can help differentiate the different ones and help you make the best decision you can when choosing a school.

Public Schools

Public schools are schools that you might see every day as you drive down the street; your local neighborhood schools. They’re funded by local, state, and federal governments.

These often are assigned based on district zoning and can often make it easy for transportation and local activities. Public schools are free to attend. However, they may lack funding depending on the location of the school.

Charter School

Charter schools are free like traditional public schools, but prospective students have to submit applications for attendance. These schools operate outside of the traditional public school system and have more autonomy.

They have to perform well to continue being funded so if the charter school has been open for a while it speaks volumes for the performance of the students and faculty.

Magnet School

Magnet schools are often created to cater to specific things, such as arts or sciences. They make the process for application further than charter schools, as students must also take tests to apply or be randomly selected in a lottery.

They also try to create an inclusive student and school community, as well as maintain transparency with the parents so they stay abreast of things going on.

Private Schools 

Private schools don’t receive government funding, and therefore cost tuition to attend. However, because of this, they have complete freedom to teach what they want outside of the state and federal curriculum.

Boarding School

A boarding school by definition is an establishment that offers food and accommodations to its students. However, boarding schools are essentially like universities; they have on-campus activities and events and faculty also live on the campus.

It often requires students to live on campus for most of the year and promotes a more intimate relationship with fellow students and staff than a normal day school.

Montessori School

These schools are considered more hands-on compared to the others. Montessori schools encourage their students to question and explore. They also have continuity, as they have had the same class together for three years.

This helps the teachers to cater the learning to their students as they have time to learn about them and what works best for them and their parents.

You can read about Montessori schools here.

Know the Different Types of Schools

There are many different types of schools to choose from, and choosing a school for your child is important. Don’t get scared over choosing the wrong one, use this guide and it’ll be easier.

Education is important, so set your child up for success in the future today.

For more information on choosing a school for your children, you can find it here on our blog.