What Are the Best Jobs in Business Administration?

A business administration degree is a degree you can use in every industry. Most corporations have divisions for human resources, sales, customer service, and fulfillment. Therefore, jobs in business administration fields are always in demand.

A degree in the field teaches theories and concepts needed to analyze data and apply business principles. People working in this field must also have excellent communication and leadership skills.

Are you considering a career in business administration? Keep reading to learn more about the best jobs to consider.

HR Managers are Jobs in Business Administration

Every company has some form of human resources department. Whether it is in-house or outsourced, the duties remain the same.

The HR manager is tasked with multiple job functions. One, they must understand employee/employer employment laws on the state and federal levels. Things like wages, compliance, discrimination, hiring, and firing practices are their responsibility.

The employees under the HR manager have experience specialized in various areas. It is the HR managers that oversee each division.

Business Manager

Schools like intercoast.edu are a great place to receive a business administration degree. Business managers must understand the company’s goals and priorities. In this role, you could lead various departments in a company.

Customer service, IT, claims processing, and administrative services are examples of divisions led by business managers. To be an effective leader, you’ll need to understand the CEO’s vision and convey those goals to the employees.

The role also requires training, budgeting, and foreseeing the potential for problems before they negatively impact the company or employees.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst plays an essential role in a company’s operations. They are charged with developing fiscal budgets. They also create financial models for the business and make recommendations to leadership.

On higher levels, financial analysts look into ways to make companies profitable. They oversee investments and the performance of stocks and bonds. It is their responsibility to maintain historical statistical data to measure profitability.

The financial analyst may work closely with department heads to ensure their areas are operating efficiently. If there is a need for capital improvement projects, the financial analyst would assess that need and make recommendations.  

Sales Manager

A business can’t remain in operation if it does not have customers. The sales manager’s role is to assemble a team to reach out to other businesses and market the company’s product or service.

As the sales manager, you will become responsible for the company’s sales strategies. Building a relationship with the marketing and development teams is crucial to your success. 

Sales is a demanding role because if contracts are not signed and implemented, the company cannot reach its financial goals. 

Get on the Path to Success

Jobs in business administration fields are highly competitive and in demand. Place yourself above the competition by earning a business degree. A degree coupled with proven experience helps to get you to the front of the line.

Once you’ve decided on your career path, research the best programs to earn your degree.