Top 3 Teacher Recruitment Strategies

The profession of teaching is so often brutal to those who choose to make it their livelihood. The culprit is the long hours and work that follows you home. This makes teacher recruitment difficult, retention even more so.

Teacher shortages have been an issue for years. The supply of new teachers has steadily dropped since 2015, and that was before the pandemic.

With each year bringing a diminishing stock of potential teachers, you need to focus on recruitment strategies. Let’s have a look at some of those strategies so that we don’t let valuable prospects slip through our fingers.

The Teacher Recruitment Substitute Pool

Supply or temp teaching is the classic first-stop for a new or upcoming teacher. It’s a job that offers money, experience, and contacts. Three of the most valuable assets for a fresh-faced graduate.

Typically a substitute teacher will be dedicated and hardworking, eager to break into their new career. It also has the advantage of allowing the teacher to practice and showcase their love for the job.

If you don’t have immediate access to a deep pool of talent for substitute teaching, there are education recruitment services that do.

Those businesses that revolve around teacher staffing have the benefit of exposing a new batch of candidates. Candidates that you may never have had access to.

Another valuable asset when it comes to retention in the recruitment process is offering feedback. This is especially useful when it comes to substitute teachers.

It’s a job that has a habit of treating its employees callously, especially so in the temp teaching world. Offering feedback and useful critique to substitutes gives them positive reinforcement. This proves to increase retention.

Not only is the retention useful for your own teacher staffing, but it also helps to shape the teacher into a more valuable member of your staff.

Present Yourself Well

Looking for exciting talent and opportunities is a two-way street in recruitment. Not only are you looking for a standout candidate, but they are also looking for an opportunity that excites them.

Stay up to date and contemporary. Make your particular school recruitment more appealing than the competitors. The chances are that the best teachers will also be expecting to work with modern schools and ideas.

Make your website current, modernized, and sharp. Ensure that it drives home the ideals and values your school or institution stands for. Attention to detail like this will tell new teachers that the school cares.

It also lets a teacher know that they will be compatible with your work environment.

Cutting Edge Material

Whichever field that a teacher specializes in, they’ll want to know that they will be teaching the most up-to-date information. Not only that, they will naturally want to be employing the most effective methods.

Teacher recruitment can be incredibly competitive, and every little edge over the competition can help.

That means staying on top of the newest developments yourself. We’ve got an entire section of our blog dedicated to news and updates in the Education sphere. Keep reading to make sure you’re offering the freshest material!