This Is What to Do if You Lost Your College Diploma

Did you lose your college diploma? Thankfully, it’s nothing that can’t be remedied.

A college diploma may represent years of hard work; it may be a symbol of recognition and be proof that you have special skills, but it’s still just a piece of paper.

What can you do if your college diploma is lost? This article will review the steps to take when you need a college diploma replacement. Read on!

Get in Touch With Your College

The first thing to do to replace a lost college diploma is to reach out to your college. It’s fairly common for former students to lose their diplomas and need a replacement.

You should get in touch with the office of the registrar. It is the office responsible for maintaining student records and transcripts. They take care of diploma replacement requests.

What Are the Requirements for a Diploma Replacement?

The law states that student records are protected property. In other words, even your spouse or immediate family won’t be able to access yours. You’re the only one that can ask for a replacement.

Typically, you’ll have to mail a written request with a photocopy of your passport or license. You might also have to print out a PDF form send it to your college’s address.

Most universities charge a fee to produce a diploma replacement. You can expect it to be in the range of $20 to $150.

How Long Does It Take?

Getting a diploma replacement can take a bit of time. It might take between four and six weeks or even longer in the worst cases.

You can try to plead your case to the registrar’s office but there’s no guarantee that they will listen to you. If you are in a hurry, you might want to look into other solutions.

Get A Replacement Diploma

In some cases, you don’t have time to wait weeks on end for your diploma to arrive. You might need to have it available fast to further a job application for instance.

In those situations, your best option is to purchase a replacement diploma. Although it won’t be an official document, it will do just fine as a stand-in diploma while you’re waiting for your college to come through.

Your replacement will arrive within a few days and will pass for the real thing without any issues. There are no ways to discern a purchased copy from an original.

Check it out if you need more information on getting a replacement diploma. It can be a way of getting a few copies to be on the safe side, or even get novelty diplomas.

Lost Your College Diploma?

It can be frustrating to see that so much rests on a simple piece of paper. It’s easy to misplace or lose it and find yourself in a pinch.

If it happens to you and you don’t mind waiting for a while, get in touch with your college. They will send you a replacement within the next couple of months.

However, if you’re in a hurry, you might as well purchase a replacement from a professional company. You’ll only need a few days.

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