School Music Journeys to Italia – Where Rock and Opera Meet

Possibly among the greatest breakthroughs that students on school music journeys make is the fact that there’s a correlation between your lifestyle and culture of the country and it is art and music. While German music is dense and high, Italian music, in the different versions, is very melodic, light and airy compared – compare, for example, an opera by Wagner with one by Puccini.

It’s no question, then, that Italia is a well-liked place to go for school music journeys – the great weather and interesting culture create a valuable backdrop look around the Italian’s treasure of music.

The Birthplace of Opera

Among the best good reasons to include Italia with an agenda is that it’s the birthplace of probably the most colourful and well-loved musical forms ever – the Opera.

Many tour programmes – not only school tours, but regular journeys organised for music enthusiasts too – include appointments with famous operatic venues for example La Scala in Milan and, when schedules allow, participation in opera festivals for example individuals in Verona and Macerate, in addition to around the birthplaces and houses of famous composers like Puccini and Verdi.

Obviously, no school music journeys might be considered complete without attending famous operas for example Turandot, Madama Butterfly, A Masked Ball and Aida – preferably within the opera houses where they’re typically performed. If Sicily is around the itinerary, the rare operas of Scarletti, considered the daddy of classical Italian opera, really are a rare treat to savor.

Italia – Not Only Opera

Even though many accounts of Italy’s history like a music capital concentrate on opera, in fact the nation offers a lot more. In the folk music performed in the village piazzas towards the lullabies that provincial mammas sing, and from religious chants in ancient places of worship, cathedrals and monasteries to contemporary rock concerts, all students discover that despite several school music journeys, there will always be more musical breakthroughs to make and much more training to become learned in Italia.