Plan your selection for MBA programs in 2020 to study in Singapore

In recent years, MBAs have become the perfect alternative to follow graduate courses. MBA is the acronym that corresponds: Master of Business Administration. In effect, these programs are postgraduate courses aimed at university graduates who want to acquire new knowledge and develop a career in the business world. This Master of Business Administration focuses specifically on the correct management of Companies and Company Management. In other words, it focuses on the managerial or organizational leadership part.

But, why studying MBA in Singapore?

Singapore is a modern and vibrant island nation with a rich and multicultural heritage. It has been rated as a destination for international students seeking a unique and contemporary higher education experience. Due to its proximity to India, studying in Singapore is much cheaper than some of the most popular destinations for international students, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

Attending an MBA just to attend it and owning another degree is not very useful even in choosing the school that suits you best. Instead, set clear goals and find the most suitable program to achieve them. MBA programs usually require a certain degree of attention, because the secrets of doing well in business are in small details. In Singapore, many schools offer business management programs at different levels. However, only a few stand out. Singapore is a financial and economic center, making it attractive to professionals and students looking for a Singapore MBA.

MBA: subjects to take

These courses will help the student to discover and analyze cases of business success and failure. And deal directly with the economic and organizational reality of a company. Here the courses of the Master in Business Administration:

  • Company strategy.
  • Marketing.
  • Human Resources.
  • Human capital management.
  • Finance and accounting.
  • Entrepreneurship.

Advantages of studying MBA in Singapore

Like all graduate and specialization courses focused on a specific area, it has the following benefits for the student:

Higher salary – In the first instance, the remuneration is doubled and, on many occasions, it is tripled. The average salary of a graduate is considerably higher than that of an employee with only a bachelor’s degree.

Growth opportunities – According to statistics, MBA graduates have a greater chance of obtaining and maintaining a top management position in companies. It is estimated that more than 70% of graduates of this graduate program in Singapore are currently senior managers or advisers.

Contact network – Basic rule for any professional: contacts. Students of this specialization have a great opportunity to broaden their contact or networking portfolio. In general, you get to interact with people from the same field. Thus, the world of new possibilities opens up and the strategies or agreements between companies can be fortified.


Definitely this academic degree will elevate your career. Nowadays companies only look for people who are able to find solutions and who know how to successfully manage the highest spheres of corporations. The MBA translates into the sustainability of a person’s job because of the demand that has increased in recent years. Even in many cases, those with this degree are more likely to keep their jobs in economic recession than others.