Picking a Path: 5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Career

When you hear the word career it’s easy to imagine a wheelie chair at a desk in an office littered with styrofoam coffee cups.

But doesn’t have to be that way! You could have a career as a wildlife photographer, a graphic designer or a textiles conservator. The possibilities are endless.

Choosing a career path should be exciting and it’s a great time to learn more about yourself and what you are drawn to in the world.

Keep reading for our top tips for deciding on a career that suits you.

Consider Your Personality Traits

The first thing you’re likely to hear when you google ‘What career is right for me?’ is ‘Follow your Dreams.’ 

But do you know what your dreams are yet? It can be hard to work out your passions!

Consider what you enjoyed most as a child. Was it painting, digging in the garden, or playing with friends?

This directly links to your personality traits. Do you like being the center of attention? Or do you prefer to sit on the sidelines? You will spend 5 days a week at work, so its important that your work lifestyle suits your personality traits.

Try doing a personality quiz online if you are having trouble working out your characteristics and motivations.

Volunteer At Different Places

A great way to learn about yourself and what you enjoy is by volunteering.

Helping others can be a great feel-good feeling. It exposes you to all sorts of people, tasks, and ways of doing things.

Volunteering also allows you to try lots of different things from working with kids, helping outdoors, or doing admin tasks for a charity.

It will help you to whittle down what you enjoy and what you don’t. You’ll find out what you are good at and what doesn’t come so naturally. 

Get Professional Advice

There are people who are experts at choosing a career path. And they are more than happy to help you, you just need to reach out.

Once you’ve worked out your personality and tried a few different jobs, they will be able to give you more detailed knowledge about what to expect and some of the pros and cons of the industry.

Narrow Down Your Options

Conduct some research into the careers that you are interested in and aim to create a list of up to 5 options that really appeal to you.

Use your personality trait discoveries and professional advice to make informed decisions. You may find that the solo lifestyle of a writer is a dealbreaker for you. Perhaps you’d be happier working in a bustling publishing house?

Consider Qualifications and Experience

Some fields of work can be competitive. Once you’ve found a career path that your passionate about, have a look at some qualifications or experience that will be beneficial. 

This can make you stand out from the crowd and show a prospective employer that you are serious about your career.

Take the First Step on the Path to Choosing Your Career

Now you know the basics of choosing a career! Take these simple steps to find what you enjoy, try out different options, ask for advice, narrow down you options and get some experience in your desired field.

If your feeling ready to take the next step then check out our business section to find out more about the world of work!