Online Tools That Have Grown In Popularity In The Past Decade

In order to improve your content quality, produce better quality content and manage your time while writing, it is important that you understand what kind of writing tools you should use. Writing engaging and high-quality content is an essential part of your digital marketing plan and you will need the right tools in order to truly rise and make a difference. Whether you are trying email marketing, paid advertising, eCommerce, blogging as well as SEO from the local all the way to an enterprise depending on the content required to fuel loyalty, conversion, engagement, discovery. In this post below, we will get you acquainted with some useful tool recommendations such as research, editing, testing, etc that can help you improve your content drastically.


Scrinever is an essential writing tool that has grown immensely in the past couple of years. It aims at helping anyone writing long documents. This could be a novel, any pillar article, or even a lengthy post. Scrinever’s goal is to help improve your writing process, notes, research, depending on your requirement. If you happen to write loads, this online tool will definitely help you in multiple ways. First and foremost, you won’t be wasting your time checking back & forth between notes. It allows you to zoom details in an easy manner. It allows you to break down some texts into smaller sections and also tracks progress towards all your writing goals so that you can meet your goals quickly.


Write allows you to concentrate on your writing better. It reduces distractions, clutter and makes writing a seamless experience. The reason why this has grown exponentially in the last decade is that it is modern, elegant, comes with an interface that is distraction-free, and also offers all the functionality you require for your word processor. The good part about Write is that it gives you a dark theme, which means it is easy on your eyes and allows you to concentrate better. It also saves your work on the cloud directly, sorts and organizes all your documents, and also comes with a one-time fee that gives you permanent access for writing as well.


There are multiple online writing tools that have become extremely popular within SEO right now. Frase is one of them. What makes Frase stand apart is that it does an excellent job in suggesting all the right and relevant keywords you need to improve your traffic. Frase also makes it super easy for you to view the list of recommended keywords, questions, and headings. It helps you understand the reasons for suggestions, helps you save time, and allows you to score well in your content accurately. Frase won’t dig scores ever and is quite affordable compared to other expensive subscriptions available online.


If you happen to be an Apple user and are tired of using Scrinever, then you have to try Storyist. It is an excellent writing tool that aims to help out novelists of today’s generations. Storyist is not some minimalist or a distraction-free program. It comes with excellent features and displays a lot of valuable information on just one screen. It offers templates for excellent screenplays as well as manuscripts. It lets you take care of formatting in an easy and effortless manner. It also plans and composes tools easily. Storyist also helps you stay organized and acts as a good plagiarism checker that produces excellent results.

ProWriting Aid

If there’s anything that helps ProWriting Aid stand apart from the rest, then its context, accuracy as well as pricing. Considered to be cheaper and a better alternative compared to Grammarly, it grasps a lot of contextual realities that support all types of writing styles. People really like this app because it gives you better word choices, is a better tool compared to others, gives you awesome recommendations, and saves you a lot of money as well.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app is a classic and if you’re a writer, then this is something you have to try, Hemingway Editor is excellent for copywriter and content writers. Since this is a free app, it lets you navigate the website, opens up easily, and is easy to navigate. Hemingway is also designed for copywriters and journalists. The goal is usually to write around to the sixth-grade level. When you do so, you will be able to reach out to a much broader audience. This app also lets you spot all the complicated sentences and words.

Bonus Tool

The bonus tool is ideal for all novelists who prefer spending all their time writing instead of creating homemade flow charts. This app comes with a bonus tool or a scheduling app that allows you to streamline your days, months, weeks in a manner that is easy to use without even pleasing your eyes. The Bonus tool is easily customizable, can be used repeatedly, and is perfect for those writers who need to get a lot of work done in a short span of time.

Final Draft

Final Draft is excellent for scriptwriters. This writing tool is so good, it has joined hands with Hollywood icons like J.J Abrams, Guillermo del Toro, etc. It has 300+ templates and it sets the formatting at just one go. Similar to the scrivener, Final Draft also gives you complete control of not just your personal writing but also the complete organizing process. It is also important for avoiding any kind of continuity errors.


Yoast has also grown a lot in the past couple of years. It is also known as the granddaddy of SEO plugins. It gives you major writing tips and helps you optimize your content for search as well. You will need to follow some of its recommendations for your letter. It also gives you reminders on how you can optimize your content. If you can implement all the recommendations of incorporating all the key phrases, just ensure your writing is well-focused on that topic. If not required, you could also want to split into many pieces of content.

Cliche Finder

George Orwell once mentioned that you should never use smiles, metaphors, or even other figures of speech that you usually see on papers. Using the cliche finder will highlight this on your text so that you dont end up having overused expressions in your writing.