Life Skills Curriculum: 5 Things Children Only Learn in Private School

Go to school, do your homework, study for exams, and repeat. This is the cycle that many children are stuck in at school. Then, when they leave school to enter university or jobs they often lack basic life skills that they need to survive and thrive.

Private schools offer students the opportunity to learn crucial life skills and develop important character traits. These skills will assist them in their lives outside of school.

Check out these five things that students will learn from a life skills curriculum at good schools.

  1. Social Skills Important for Life Beyond the Classroom

Private schools focus on the whole child and developing important character traits. These include confidence, resilience and perseverance. Students have to develop interpersonal and practical skills to overcome challenging situations.

These soft skills are important in developing a child’s character and preparing them for life beyond the classroom. Check out for a fantastic example of a school that focuses on the whole child approach.

  1. Mindfulness and Tools to Deal With Stress

One of the most important life skills for teens is to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety. This is often overlooked even though there is a notable rise in teenage depression and anxiety.

Private schools equip students with the tools to manage stress. This is done through mindfulness practice. It may include practices such as meditation and breathing, or religious practices.

Students learn how to use self-control and manage their emotions in stressful environments.

  1. Critical Thinking and Collaboration Life Skills for Kids

Private schools work on developing tough-to-teach skills. These include critical thinking, collaboration, proactiveness and problem-solving.

The schools have the resources to provide innovative experiences. Children can take part in volunteering opportunities, fundraisers and charitable outreach programs.

  1. Current Events and Social Issues 

Private schools know the importance of exposing children to current events and social issues. The schools provide a safe environment for students to begin to explore the political and social global spheres.

Students have the opportunity to be actively involved in issues from global warming to poverty and politics. Lessons include debates, mock elections and interesting guest speakers.

  1. Basic Life Skills to Prepare for the Future 

These are important life skills for kids that are often overlooked. Many private schools encourage everyday life skills for the world beyond the classroom and to prepare for the future.

These skills focus on self-sufficiency and domesticity. Lessons may include managing finances and safeguarding your digital footprint. Cooking and other domestic tasks are also encouraged.

A Life Skills Curriculum Prepares Students for the ‘Real World’

A life skills curriculum that focuses on important life skills for kids is invaluable. Students are encouraged to develop lifelong values and skills to prepare them for the future. Private schools offer the opportunity to learn tough-to-teach skills such as critical thinking.

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