Immaculate Asset Management and Maintenance at Amusement Parks

Setting up an amusement park is quite a pricey affair, involving a large capital budget for attractions and facilities. Frequent maintenance and repair operations must be performed at the park to ensure that you get the best out of this investment. But it can be challenging to handle these tasks, particularly if you do not have an organized operations management framework.

This article will look at Parafait’s Maintenance Module, Semnox’s advanced venue management framework, and explain how this module enables flawless asset management and amusement park maintenance. Let’s dive inside.

The Full Park Management Approach

The Parfait Maintenance Module helps you maintain your properties secure and your customers safe at your location while compliant with all safety procedures and regulatory specifications specific to your organization or area.

The module is fitted with intelligent features that monitor the repair and maintenance of all rides and appliances, maintenance schedules, and completion reports of logs-in, leaving little to chance. This way, for a long time, the investments in your park stay safe, and you do not need to spend on replacements continually.

 Repair Module highlights:

  • The module enables amusement park technicians to set up asset category activities or even a single trip. If the need emerges, you may even delegate ad hoc work.
  • The module will plan and delegate amusement park technicians to the same recurring work, monitoring each task to closure.
  • Based on the initial configuration, the module provides automatic scheduling and task development. In the current pandemic situation, these features are uniquely helpful, helping you to handle workers more efficiently and have only the requisite personnel present on-site at any given moment.
  • Based on the completion of maintenance and upgrades, you may produce comprehensive reports. As part of scheduled protection and repair tests, the module often generates follow-up queries.
  • The module teaches you to recognize maintenance-heavy properties and appreciate the time and effort they cost. This ensures you can watch what functions and which rides need downtime, allowing you a more in-depth view of the park’s ground realities.
  • This module is also available in tablet mode to make it easy for technicians and repair staff to exchange real-time information on the go.
  • The Repair Module gives maximum insight into upkeep activities, to put it.

The Maintenance Module’s real strength resides in the reality that it is part of a broader, more complete park management structure. One of the activated possibilities is the opportunity to use digital signage to interact with your visitors regarding the repair and maintenance operations that take place at your house, instilling a sense of faith in them.

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