Crucial Mistakes Beginner Japanese Learners Make and How to Avoid Them


It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to learn the Japanese language. Especially for those who cannot speak proper English, it’s even more difficult for them. Though there are  Japanese language course online available from reputed Japanese Language institutes  along with the textbooks, it is a hard nut to crack Because not everybody is familiar with this language. Therefore, committing mistakes while learning this Rising Sun Language Is very common. But at the same time, it’s not even that tough to learn to avoid those mistakes.

Five common mistakes while learning the Japanese language

In the contemporary era, there are numerous Japanese language Course, which tell the students how to learn the Japanese language properly, along with the common mistakes that one can commit while learning it. Besides these common mistakes, these Japanese language online courses also guide us in avoiding these mistakes.

1.   Not to make practical use of the language.

It is a common sight that individuals learn the Japanese language by hand. But they find themselves incapable of making practical use. As a result, they give up on it, and this lack of determination keeps their Japanese language learning a dream only.

How to avoid this mistake:

To avoid this mistake, you can use several apps offering us to communicate in the desired language; if there are no other people available to do the same. So make practical use of the language as much as possible.

2.   Excessive use of Pronouns

The shorter the sentence is, The better the communication will be for the Japanese language. And the excessive use of pronouns can make the sentences to be complex.

How to avoid this mistake:

To avoid this mistake, you need to constantly use shorter sentences in the Japanese language without the repetition of pronouns.

3.   Communicating with the False levels of formality

In several instances, Japanese is quite a very formal language, and it requires different levels of formality when speaking to individuals with different social standards. And so, it is a common mistake that one, who is not habitual of the language, may get very informal and too gentle while using Japanese.

How to avoid this mistake:

You can easily avoid this mistake by using the same segment of speech both formally and informally; rigidly and softly, and so on.

4.   Lots of speaking and doing very less

Procrastination is the biggest mistake that one can make while learning any language, and especially when it comes to Japanese, it is more crucial to keep determined. Otherwise, your whole progress may get wasted if you give up during the course.

How to avoid this mistake:

The only solution to this mistake lies within yourself: to keep accountable for what purposes you’ve started learning Japanese and not to give up in between.

5.   Being very quick

In this fast pace of life, everyone wants to be very quick in everything they do. Therefore, some individuals rush to learn the Japanese language quickly and mess it up. Because of the pressure to achieve too much in a short period, they may miss the basic concepts. They may start forgetting About whatever they have learned in the past in the hopes of learning more in future.

How to avoid this mistake:

Therefore, you suggested stressing the quality of the language you’re learning instead of the bulk. Just do only that much at a time that you can learn properly and remember.


Concludingly, You’re advised to learn the language properly, and you should try not to commit these mistakes mentioned above. Because it’s in your hand, learn slowly and retain it forever, or you can learn quickly by repeating the lessons over and over again.