Condition of British in Bangladesh: Second Language or Language

Native language or first language is possibly probably the most favorite factor for anybody. The issue of language has resulted into many conflicts and discontentment. The best illustration of such discontentment may be the Language Movement of 1952 in Bangladesh. However we’re not able to reside in isolation. We must connect using the loudspeakers of other languages. Bangladesh is regarded as a monolingual country in that 98% of people is loudspeakers of Bangla language. However, there are other than ten languages in this small country like Bangladesh. Monipuri, Urdu, Chakma, Santali, Garo, Rakhain, Tipra- a few of another languages contained in Bangladesh.

The interesting factor is the fact that Urdu is really a Indo-European language but designed in Arabic script, Santali is one of the Mono-Khemar language family while Chakma is one of the Chinese-Barmese language group. So, although Bangladesh is frequently portrayed like a country of linguistic unity according to Bangla language the truth is it’s notable linguistic diversity. To talk with the loudspeakers of other languages we either have to know their language or communicate inside a Lingua-Franca that’s understandable to the two of us.

Today, the earth has be a global village. Because of the growth of communication system and technology. Every country relies upon others for trade and commerce, education, politics etc. Consequently, we must constantly talk to other nations and loudspeakers of other languages. Under developed countries like Bangladesh need to rely on foreign aid since they’re not self-sufficient. Consequently, many people from other countries arrived at Bangladesh. Another factor may be the factor of faith. The sacred language from the Muslims is Arabic, Sanskrit for Hindus, Pali for that Buddhists and Latin for that Christians.

Each one of these factors help remind us the requirement of learning other language(s) additionally to the native language. Based on this reality many countries around the globe now utilize a eu language as second language that is frequently utilized in education, law court, economic activities and government works. These languages have more often than not official status within the metabolic rate of individuals countries. Most of the cases the countries now utilize the word what of the past colonial rulers because the second language. Sometimes these languages will also be known as official language. In lots of African countries we are able to check this out picture. However, some European languages have grown to be essential on the planet for literary and economic purposes. For instance, German and French are regarded as important languages around the globe because each of them have influential literature and economic aspects connected together.

For instance, lots of people within our country have an interest to understand French because assistance these to get United nations jobs and jobs in Multinational companies. Another attractive motivation for learning French in Bangladesh is it might help us to immigrate to Canada as skill in French language provides a person additional points within the point system of Canadian immigration.

The title of my scientific studies are “Status of British in Bangladesh: Second language or language?” I’ve selected this subject because from sociolinguistic perspective the status of British is an extremely interesting one. Around the one hands British language is dominantly contained in the sides in our national existence while however within our metabolic rate it’s clearly asserted that the word what of the nation is Bangla. Actually, there is nothing stated concerning the status of British language within our metabolic rate. On a single hands, economic activities within the private information mill transported in British while there’s a government law (Bangla procholon ain1987) that government offices must use Bangla within their official works. So in the government perspective Bangla may be the national- official language of Bangladesh and British is an essential language. But actually British may be the second language of the nation as well as in a multitude of locations British is much more important than Bangla in Bangladesh.