Competitive Exams: Why Digital Learning comes in handy

After the covid-19 pandemic, learning online and virtual lectures have become the new normal. Working professionals and students who aspire to crack any of the competitive exams like the olympiad, JEE Mains and JEE Advance you could definitely explore various options that are available online.

Students who wish to pursue engineering can prepare for the IIT exam via different learning apps. Such apps not only provide students with E-books and learning materials but also set up video lectures that anyone can watch anytime, anywhere.

Online learning apps like Kunduz allows students to click a picture of any problem, it could be NCERT chemistry or physics doubt or any math problem and the app will then provide you with the solution in about 15 minutes.

E-learning integrates learning and technology making it easy for the students to understand various concepts. Animated videos not only help students to understand difficult concepts but also help in remembering these concepts. Visual content is registered in our brain better than text concepts.

Every year a lot of students enrol for the IIT exam. With a huge amount of participants comes cutthroat competition. In such a situation students should definitely explore digital learning methods and can learn and prepare for competitive exams from the comfort of their house. They can get a competitive edge over other aspirants.

Since digital learning can be carried from anywhere and at any time, every student can learn from the best teachers at the same time.

One-on-one sessions with teachers and mentors can also prove to be a big help to aspiring students since it helps the mentors to understand the position and knowledge of the student and accordingly they can guide them.

As the whole process of learning, right from lectures to doubt sessions to guidance everything is online and from the comfort of the house. It saves time and energy for the students. It may not seem like a big factor that might affect students, but travelling can take a toll on any student.

Applications also provide solved papers of the previous years. This gives students an idea of what they can expect from the paper, it also helps students to understand which topic has been focused more in the previous year and which topic has been ignored and they can plan their approach accordingly.

There are series of mock tests on various apps which helps students prepare better. Usually, mock tests are the last step of preparation. A mock test can help students to test their efforts and keep a track of their progress and then students can accordingly devise a plan to improve their performance. A mock test can help students to understand what they can expect from the actual exam.

Ed-tech apps and virtual have brought a revolution in the education industry. Students or working professionals who could not prepare for these competitive exams due to various reasons have an equal opportunity thanks to this digital revolution.