6 Tips for Finding the Right Courses for You in ITIL Certification

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a service management framework used worldwide to help businesses improve service processes. It is a tool to help businesses develop and change with the goal of improving efficiency and achieving predictable service levels. What is ITIL certification? 

ITIL certification is a must-have in the world of IT certifications. Certifications range from ITIL foundation certification to ITIL 4 certification to Master Qualification. 

The ITIL 4 is an updated version of ITIL 3 and includes more emphasis on maintaining agility, flexibility, and innovation while still being able to support the networks and systems that already exist. 

Someone with ITIL certification commands an average salary of $87,453 in North America. 

Are you looking to get ITIL certification? Keep reading to learn six tips for finding the right courses for you.

  1. Research 

Do your research in regards to schools or institutions offering ITIL courses. Look at reviews. Find out the statistics on how many people passed the certification exam after taking their course. What did they go on to do for employment? 

  1. Ask Questions 

Don’t just choose a program randomly. Talk to someone in charge and ask relevant questions. How well do the students understand the concepts being taught? Do they give real-world examples? Do you get hands-on experience rather than just memorizing the material? 

  1. Find Courses That Relate to Your Current Job

Ask how the course relates to your job and workplace experiences. Do the students come from many different backgrounds where you’ll learn from each other? Or are most of them in the same type of work as you? Decide which experience is better for you. 

  1. Challenging Courses 

Don’t go for a course that is not going to challenge you. Don’t shy away from topics with which you struggle. You want to get the best education to help you pass the exam and perform well in your career. 

  1. Do They Offer a Sample Exam? 

You want to have some practice where you can go over each question carefully and figure out the answers that you don’t know right away. Sitting for a sample exam and getting the chance to go over questions with a group is a great way to understand the questions you got wrong. 

  1. Streamlined Path 

Do you want some options for your path to certification? Some courses offer paths to more than one certification. Sometimes students are able to progress from the foundation level to strategic leader or managing professional and be eligible to earn the ITIL Master designation.

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ITIL Certification

Now that you have some tips on finding the right courses for ITIL certification, you can now research and compare ITIL certification costs. You’ll be on your way to acing the ITIL certification exam. 

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