3 Surprising Community College Benefits

Are you aware that the likelihood of high school students attending college dropped from 71% to 53% (according to a recent survey)? What is the reason for the huge drop? They felt the costs were too high.

With tuition of a private school averaging around $50,770 and $22,180 for the state, you can’t blame them. Is affordable education just hard to come by?

One of the biggest community college benefits is the cost. At a fraction of the price, students can build up their credits and even earn a degree. To learn what other benefits there are of attending a community college, read our blog post below.

  1. Career Care

One of the biggest community college benefits is building new skills for the workforce. Fields such as technology, engineering, mathematics, and science all are in demand right now.

Employers will look to see what college you have attended and if you have any professional certificates as well. The more transferable skills the better, right?

We advise you to check with your current employer to see if they offer any vocational training at a local school. It is a win-win for both parties.

  1. Local

Proximity is a huge priority for most people which is one we’re adding to our community college benefits. Students of all ages and backgrounds can come to connect with each other right in their neighborhood.

Aside from the educational aspect, community colleges offer things such as on-campus activities, projects, or group activities. With so much of our lives online these days, there is nothing that can quite replace heading to class.

With such a close-knit community, you will befriend your classmates, socialize, and even have a built-in social circle at your disposal.

  1. Fit Learning Into Your Lifestyle

Whatever your lifestyle may be, you can fit learning into it! Whether you have family, work, or travel demands, you can work around it by attending a community college.

You don’t even have to take a full course load, as you can go at your own pace. For example, if you work during the day you could attend an evening class or two.

Before you know it you will have some specialized degrees in your name.

As you go through your education, your work-life balance will be in harmony too. To keep the costs down, we advise you to click for more information to see if you can attend for free!

Connect With Classmates and Enjoy the Community College Benefits

As you can see there are plenty of community college benefits at your disposal to take advantage of. If you’re unclear if university or college is you, then attending a community college can serve as a wonderful stepping stone.

The odds are you have more questions you need to be answered. For all of your educational needs, be sure to stick around and read our blog. You don’t want to miss out!