10 Inspiring Women Success Stories of Chasing Their Dreams

She is just a girl. What can she even do? To answer this question, we bring to you inspirational stories of  women who have shown the world what a girl can do when she decides to follow her passion.

Read below to know mor about these inspirational women of India….

  1. Aditi Gupta

She runs as innovative and profitable company called Menstrupedia, which is about menstruation related education.

She has educated more than 50,000 girls about periods, trained 10,000 educators, and impacted the lives of 13 million girls worldwide.

  1. Indra Nooyi

Amazon board member and CEO of Pepsico, Indra is one of the most inspirational women of India.

Indra is trulyan inspiration to generations of women to come.

  1. Meena Bindra

This dynamic founder of BIBA catapulted the humble salwar kameez and kurta to a designer statement piece. And in the process managed to establish a business worth 600 crore rupees!

  1. Ekta Kapoor

The queen of television Industry, Ekta started her career when she was 15.  As the Managing Director and Creative Head of Balaji telefilms, today, she is one of the most influential women in the Indian television and film industry.

  1. Shila Dawre

The first female auto driver in the history of India! And a Limca Book of World Records Holder. Shila left her home because she wanted to have her own identity. Driving was her means to establish her own identity. Today, she is married with two kids and has started her own travel and transport business with her husband!

  1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Kiran is the owner of Biocon, the company that gave India its vaccine against Covid!

  1. Gita Gopinath

As the Chief Economist of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Gita is truly an inspiration for women of India.

  1. Manya Singh

A daughter of an auto driver, Manya Singh could not even speak proper English when she applied for beauty pageants. Today she is a Femina Miss India girl.


  1. Suchi Mukherji

As the founder of LimeRoad.com, Suchi Mukherji showed India how affordable fashion is possible. And in the process became a successful start-up founder.

  1. Saumya Vardhan

An MBA from London, working as a consultant with KPMG in London, Saumya gave it all up to come back to her roots. She started ShubhPuja, an online platform to help Indians across India and abroad conduct religious rituals in an organized manner.