The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Private School

Did you know that 10% of all PK-12 students in the US attend private schools?

There’s no doubt that the popularity of private schooling is on the rise in America. With education becoming more competitive and standards of parents in the country rising, it’s not too surprising, really.

If your child is reaching school age soon, you have a big decision to make; private school or public school? It’s a tough choice to know which of the education options is right for your little one and you should definitely do some research before making your mind up.

To help you out, we’ve put together some of the benefits of private schools to kickstart your journey!

Better Test Scores

One of the main purposes of going to school is to get qualifications that open doors for the future. So, it makes sense for parents to be interested in test results when looking at the best education options; after all, better scores mean more open doors! It’s been found that, generally, students from private schools do score higher than those from public schools.

In fact, they score an average of 4 points more on the ACT test, which is huge for an average! On math tests, private school students were also found to score a whopping 18 points higher in the 8th grade than those in public school – and it was the same for reading, too. For many parents, the fact that their child will probably do better on tests is enough to justify the schooling cost.

Smaller Class Sizes

One of the reasons for those higher test scores could be down to smaller class sizes. There’s no doubt that public schools are overcrowded in many areas, particularly urban towns and cities. In contrast, private schools have small classes of usually between 10-15 students, and sometimes even less!

This means that there’s less chance of disruption from other students in class, and if there is the teacher will be better able to control and deal with the situation. Your child will also receive more one-on-one attention, have their questions answered quicker, and build a better relationship with their teacher. When the teacher isn’t trying to control too many kids, the quality of their teaching instantly increases and you start to see why so many parents are happy to pay private school prices

More Input From Parents

When looking at schooling options as a parent, you should always look at your role in the system. Private schools are renowned for taking more input from parents as they’re funding the education of their children from their own money. If you have a suggestion for school improvements, a concern, or simply want to be more involved in the way your little one is taught, private school is the way to go!

Of course, the school won’t say yes to every suggestion put their way; that would be chaos. But they are more likely to listen to you than a public school and to actually take your ideas on board if they’re good. There’s an inclusivity of parents at private schools that you just don’t get as much at public schools, which is a big bonus for many parents.

A More Diverse Curriculum

Did you know that private schools don’t have to follow the curriculum as strictly as public schools? Instead, they can offer a curriculum that suits their focus, benefits their students, and pleases you, the parents! In general, this means that your children will have a more diverse education that’s a step ahead of what public schools will be teaching.

For example, many private schools put a heavier focus on art, theater, and music than public schools. Your child could be reading Shakespeare and be able to identify Mozart’s compositions by the age of 10! Along with the core subjects, private schools are free to teach more widely and their budget makes these extra subjects possible. 

More Extra-Curricular Options

Just like their main curriculum, the extra-curricular options offered by private schools are often much more diverse. This is because they have a bigger budget and are more focused on giving your kids the best chance of getting into top colleges than simply teaching core subjects, and that includes introducing them to extra-curricular activities. They also have more gifted programs, school trips, advanced placement courses, and International Baccalaureate programs.

Although the cost of education may be higher, you’re definitely going to get your moneys worth!

Selected Students

Because private schools can select the students they accept, the little ones who surround your child will often be well-behaved and advanced. Private schools are always looking for the brightest sparks and their admissions will definitely identify these children! By creating a school of advanced children, they can push them further and move faster, helping make the most of every child’s potential. 

It also means that there are often fewer disruptive children. Private schools will only accept little ones who can behave properly, so your child is going to have a much better classroom experience. In general, there will a much more positive peer environment for your child to thrive in. 

Weigh Up Your Education Options

When it comes to education options, make sure you research thoroughly before making your decision. The school you choose could have a big impact on your child future, so take your time and only move forward once you’re certain you’ve found the right place.

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