The 7 Benefits to Being Bilingual

There are 6,909 different languages that exist in the world. However, most Americans only know one! 

Stand out from the crowd by learning one of these thousands of languages. Becoming bilingual will not only set you apart from the norm, but it will immerse you in a new culture and experience. 

The benefits of being bilingual are really limitless, but we’ll cover just seven reasons why you should learn another language.  

  1. Better Executive Function

Being bilingual improves your overall executive function. Executive function includes abilities like memory, concentration, problem-solving, and multi-tasking.

Neurologists and psychologists can identify a bilingual person from their brain scans! Those who are bilingual have more grey matter in their anterior cingulate cortex. More grey matter often means better processing abilities!

When you speak two languages your brain has to figure out which language to use in what setting. Because of this, bilinguals are practicing executive control all the time. 

  1. Attractive Applicant

Bilingual job applicants are more likely to get the job compared to their monolingual counterparts. The ability to speak two languages often sticks out on a resume. 

These skills are especially important for companies who work with international offices. Being bilingual might even be a requirement! Communication is key to any job, but being able to converse with 

  1. Cultural Immersion

There’s no better way to delve deeper into a culture than to learn its customs and language. 

There’s no requirement to learn a language whenever you want to experience a new culture. You’re able to study a place’s history, people, and ideas without becoming bilingual. The full experience can’t be achieved without knowing at least a bit of the language.

  1. Postpone Dementia

Some research suggests that being bilingual can help postpone dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Being able to speak two languages requires a slew of skills that monolinguals don’t have. Remember, bilinguals are executing some sort of executive control at all times. This regular exercise of the brain is theorized to postpone age-related mental diseases.  

  1. Expand Social Life 

It’s simple math! When you’re bilingual you have more people that you can communicate with. This creates more opportunities to make friends and develop meaningful relationships. 

  1. Travel Confidently

Traveling internationally can be daunting, more so if you aren’t able to communicate. 

Removing that language barrier makes travel much more fun and easy.

Knowing a local language is beneficial in every aspect of travel. Whether you want to order from a menu with confidence or ask where the restroom is.  

  1. More Languages!

Once your brain can navigate two languages, it’s much easier to add another to your repertoire! 

While every language is different, the way our mind processes them is the same. You already have the experience of learning a language under your belt. This makes it easier to understand and digest patterns in a third language. 

The options for multilingual education are diverse. It doesn’t matter if you learn one language in school and the other through online Spanish premium courses. What does matter is how your brain processes information.

Becoming Bilingual 

Learning a new language can be daunting, but the benefits of being bilingual are worth the effort. Being bilingual sets you apart at work, expands your social circle, and gives you an advantage when it comes to cognitive function.

When you need a break from conjugating French verbs, be sure to check out the rest of our website. Happy learning!


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