Homeless Student Policy

The Academy of Excellence (Phoenix/Coolidge) Schools will ensure that all prospective students have the same opportunity for enrollment. A staff member will be designated as the liaison for homeless children and youth. This person will identify homeless students and coordinate the school’s activities with other agencies and service organizations, such as referrals to health care services, dental services, and mental health services.

Those identified students will be enrolled immediately even if they are not in possession of the proper documents, i.e. birth certificate, immunization records, and/or transcripts.

The liaison will work with the students and their families to obtain valid copies of the proper identification. Further, the liaison will guarantee that those students identified as homeless will not be stigmatized or segregated due to their homeless status and will be enrolled in classes that best meet their academic abilities.

To meet their school transportation needs, they will be provided with city bus tokens daily. The liaison will also keep in contact with the parents/guardians of the homeless students to inform them of educational and related services available to their children and to give them the opportunity to participate in the education of their children.