How to Make Friends in College

Going away to college is not an easy milestone in a young adult’s life. A college freshman is leaving everything they know so well behind in the past. College students are no longer surrounded by the kids they grew up.

Perhaps this is why roughly 42% of college students have anxiety. Some have difficulty making friends, which leads to other mental health issues like depression. More than one-third of college students report having depression and relationship problems.

One of the best ways to find success in college is by leaning on friends. Read on to learn how to make friends in college. Explore tips that are certain to improve your college experience.

Join a Club or Sport

In college, groups of like-minded people flock together. The formation of groups is often tied to a club or sport.

From a social perspective, every college has fraternities and sororities. Joining Greek life is an effective way to find a family-like atmosphere at college. Fraternities and sororities emphasize philanthropy so you can do some good at the same time.

Sports are very similar to Greek life. Athletes do everything together and many lifelong friendships emerge from sports teams.

You do not have to be an exceptional athlete to play sports at college. Most sports have club teams for people who just want to play for fun.

Like high school, there are clubs for people who have similar interests. Clubs for politics, science, and theater are just a few examples of what is available in college.

Network on Social Media

The vast majority of Generation Z is on social media. Nearly 90% of Generation Z is on the internet or social media several times per day.

Roughly 85% of this demographic uses YouTube, while 70% use Instagram or Snapchat. TikTok is increasingly popular amongst this age demographic.

You can make friends on social media. Many of the clubs and groups mentioned above are organized on social media. It is an effective way to find like-minded individuals and develop a relationship.

Social media posting also works as an indirect icebreaker. You may feel nervous at first speaking with someone in person. However, social media gives introverted students the confidence to reach out to people.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only places to find college friends. Less traditional companies like Learnconnect also provide a platform for college students to meet people.

Living Arrangements

Your living arrangements are a great way to meet friends. The dormitories are filled with students looking for friends. The dorms are the closest thing to home at college and everyone is looking to meet new people.

Other students choose to live off-campus. Consider living with a group of roommates to make new friends.

A Recap of How to Make Friends in College

It is not easy to uproot your life and start over in a new location. At the same time, college is an exciting opportunity to meet new people and start fresh.

Getting active on social media or joining clubs is certain to help you make friends. If you enjoyed this article about how to make friends in college, check out our blog for more great content.

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