A Guide for Effectively Managing Remote Employees

Remote working has always been the want of many employees of this era. The concept of sitting at their homes in a comfortable space, spending time with their loved ones and at the same time working on their projects have always made them feel comfortable and worthy.

On the other hand, the employers also, feel comfortable with the concept of Remote Working because their overhead costs such as computers, furniture, communication, and stationery get reduced. The employees only get paid for the work they do regardless of the time they spend on a particular project.

However, remote working can have some serious consequences for the company as well as the employer. Since the employer is far away from the employees, he/she has completely no idea as to what is the update of the project or if the employee is working with full dedication and efforts as he/she used to in a proper office setting. An employee might say that he/she is working with full efforts on the project but they may in reality be working on some other project for some other company.

To reduce such a threat and impact to the company Work Examiner – An How to know if the employees are actually working?

The possibility of your employees being less enthusiastic and productive are extremely high during the times of remote working. They might open their laptops with the intention to work but, there are high chances that they procrastinate and get distracted from the task provided.

To reduce any such happenings, Work Examiner has introduced some really impressive features in its software. The features are listed down below: –

  1. Websites Tracking – This feature is of great use for all the employers who are highly anxious about their clients wasting time on useless websites. The website tracking feature not only informs the employer about the website address but also the date of access along with the total time spent upon that website altogether.
  1. PC Tracking – If you want to know that your employee was productive or not during the entire course of the day then this feature is the best for you. The PC Tracking feature lets the employer know about the total idle time of the PC, who logged in and who logged out, and many such important notifications!
  1. Keylogging – The Keylogging feature is of huge importance. This feature enables the employer to know exactly what is being typed by the employee, and which key has been pressed by the employee. It captures all the important chats and data which is available for quick data searching.

These are some of the important features of the Work Examiner Software which make it outstanding and highly useful. In case your company transits to remote working you should definitely consider installing this and making full use of this one incredible software!

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